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          What's Datalog?

          Datalog is a company checker. We have data on companies in the following jusrisdictions:

          We have a vast database of company profiles allowing you to discover information about companies from around the world. Popular searches are for UK, Irish, Canadian and American business entities.

          US states we have are: Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, DC, Florida, Georgia, Idaho, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Maine, Maryland, Michigan, Mississippi, Missouri, Nevada, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Dakota, Texas, Tennessee, Vermont, Virginia, Washington, West Virginia and Wyoming) to help you decide:

          • Should you do business with them
          • Competitor analysis on your competitors
          • Undertake business credit information research
          • Should you buy them
          • Are they trustworthy
          • Are they in trouble
          • Do they behave ethically
          • Should you work for them
          • Can I sell to them
          • Have they got any money if you take them to court
          • What assets do they have
          • Maybe you are just nosey

          Types of information we have for free:


          Stats on what's here:

          Companies 39,976,766
          UK Busines rates 4,660,351
          Company Patents 222,883
          Legal Notices 1,033,906
          Government Company Spend £ 127,155,838,306
          Government Transactions 13,361,737
          Government Grants to Companies £ 2,732,852,178
          Government Grants 14,179
          UK Regulatory Fines/Enforcement £572,896,600
          Business licences 5,025,601
          UK Legal charges 2,346,655
          Company Registrar Records 215,408,570
          Company Annual Reports 11,267,701
          Browse companies: [ 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z ]
          Paradise Papers: Apple in Jersey?
          The Paradise Papers are in the news but some of the information being leaked does not seem to be correct. They claim Apple changed domicle to Jersey yet the Irish entity still exists & has not changed it's status to foreign and there is no company entity called Apple incorporated in Jersey. The Panorama programme stated that Apple's registered office in Jersey was at the Appleby offices - there is no Apple company registered there or in Jersey so not true.
          28th Feb 2018: Maplin Electronics and Toys R Us go into administration
          2nd Oct 2017: Monarch Airlines goes into administration

          Is £3k per month on coffee excessive?
          Birmingham city council was spending on average £3k per month on coffee with Starbucks. In times of governmental austerity, is that excessive?

          What's new?
          Florida Company Data
          We've added another 7.3 million company records for Florida covering current and historic corporations. Additionally we've addedd a further 8.6 million event records covering Floridian entities. We're another step closer to having all of the USA covered!

          As always, the power of Datalog is we cross match these records against companies in other states allowing patterns and relationships to be discovered. HOCKEY HOLDINGS, LLC in Parkland, Florida is a popular company listing already.

          Delaware Company Data
          We're gradually cracking the secretive state of Delaware to find information about companies in this tax haven. By cross matching we've found information on company officers, income and more. Fedex is headquartered in Delaware - presumably for tax reasons. Although there are vitually no disclosure requirements for Delaware corporations, you'll see what we've found on Fedex, Hertz, Oxford House and more. Facebook UK paid £ 4,327 corporation tax for 2014 with a turnover of £ 104M.
          Want to find out more about Facebook? Take a look at their latest accounts for the UK subsidiary.

          USA State of Iowa
          We've found new data to bring the State of Iowa to life. We're adding details of government spend with Iowa companies to show their sources of income.

          The bulk of public sector spend is with community organisations:

          CompanyGovernment income
          PETERSON CONTRACTORS INC USD $369,844,130
          DELTA DENTAL OF IOWA USD $154,514,730
          IOWA SOYBEAN ASSOCIATION USD $135,827,270
          UNITED CONTRACTORS INC USD $82,076,093
          AMERIGROUP IOWA INC USD $76,246,770
          TELLIGEN INC USD $72,973,964
          HEARTLAND ASPHALT INC USD $66,512,710
          KREGN INC USD $44,763,298
          LUTHERAN SERVICES IN IOWA, INC. USD $42,517,059
          Offshore Company Formation
          Read our article on offshore company formation where we explore the pro's and con's of offshore companies including territories like Delaware which you won't normally think of as a tax haven!

          USA State of Colorado
          We've added details of security charges (commercial property purchases, transfers and disposals) for Colorado companies based in Denver. Denver government spend with corporations as well as data on company tradenames and trademarks.

          UK Winding Up Orders
          Our analysis of historical petitions to wind up a company, reveals that HMRC is the biggest threat to a company. HMRC raised 720 out of the 1,560 petitions we looked at (46%). If you want to stay in business - make sure you pay the tax man!

          Availability of funding for business is frequently mentioned in the news. Take a look at our detailed analysis of all mortgage charges registered with Companies House. Availability of funding for small businesses doesn't seem to be the issue which is portrayed in the media.

          Data Mining Corporate Data
          With so much data on Datalog, we can mine our vast databases to extract useful insights into the corporate world. Which types of companies are going into administration? Which are the oldest companies that have gone bankrupt? What are the trends in company formation? What types of companies are being formed? What businesses for sale are available in the UK?

          Failed companies with patents

          Company Name # Patents Administration Date
          RIOT OF COLOUR LIMITED 2 2020-04-29
          BORDEN CHEMICAL UK LIMITED 1 2020-03-30
          BASSROCK LIMITED 1 2020-03-05
          JOHNSON SECURITY LIMITED 1 2020-02-14
          AVANTICELL SCIENCE LIMITED 1 2020-02-07

          These companies have recently gone into liquidation/administration and have previously filed patents. There may be assets which are salvageable from the business.

          Recent Winding-Up Orders
          Name Date of Winding Up Order
          A A BAKERS (SCOTLAND) LTD. 2020-06-02
          ELFE LTD 2020-06-02
          THE VIRIDIS GROUP LTD 2020-06-02
          CORE ENERGY & AIRTIME LTD 2020-06-02
          ULTRA FORCE LIMITED 2020-06-02
          PHEASANT (ST HELENS) LIMITED 2020-06-02
          BURNT OAK INTERIORS LIMITED 2020-06-02
          CRANBORNE STAR LIMITED 2020-06-01
          THE GURKHA SPICE LTD 2020-06-01
          POINT MARITIME LIMITED 2020-06-01
          RYDER IT SERVICES LIMITED 2020-06-01
          COBI INTERACTIVE LTD 2020-06-01

          Winding up orders are an indicator a company is in trouble. It's when another organisation - usually a creditor - seeks to kill the company. Winding-up orders are not the death of a company but they can be. If a company repeatedly has winding-up orders against it, it's a strong indicator that the company is either poorly run or has cash-flow problems.

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